Dos and Don’ts of Dog Food
July 28, 2016
Dogs Are Us
October 19, 2016

Why Dogs Are Awesome!


Just a few reasons on why dogs are just best!


  1. They’ll greet you like you’ve been gone a century when you only went out for a five-minute trip to the store.
  2. They’re super smart
  3. Your dog is like a child but without any tantrums.
  4. They make a tough day at the office so much better. National Public Radio (NPR) reported that, according to a study published in the “International Journal of Workplace Health Management,” bringing your dog to work can actually help relieve stress.
  5. Your dog helps keep the bed warm.
  6. They really do understand you
  7. They love to snuggle and they’re the best at it.
  8. They make you healthier Dog owners are 34% more likely to get enough exercise
  9. Dogs will give you something to laugh and smile about every day.
  10. They love you unconditionally.


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