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October 19, 2016

5 Dog walking tips…



If you want to be the pack leader, make sure your dog walks behind you. If the dog controls you on the walk then he is the pack leader,NOT you! You should always be the first one who goes out of the door and the first one in. Your dog should be beside or behind you.

Here are a few steps to teach your dog how to walk beside or behind you :

  • Have your dog on a long lead(at least 2m).
  • Stand still and let the dog go to the end of the lead.
  • Keep your hand close to your hip,so that you can pull it back if it crosses the lead.
  • If it does not cross the lead treat him with his favorite biscuits.
  • If it tries to cross the lead then repeat the whole process until it learns that it is not supposed to cross the lead.


Use A Small Lead:

Using a small lead will help you in communicating with your canine friend. If you have “puller” in your hands it will help you control your dog.



Give Yourself Enough Time For Walk:

I recommend setting aside 30 minutes to 1 hour,depending upon dog’s caliber, the specific need differs from paws to paws. Consult a Vet and keep an eye on your dog’s behavior to see if its needs are being met.


Do Not Forget The Rewards:

Dog is an innocent soul so we can influence them or bribe them in every possible way. Since you are the pack leader and if your dog is walking behind or beside you don’t forget to reward it, you can treat it with its favorite biscuits. Otherwise you can leave it to sniff around,but only for a few minutes ,so that they don’t forget who is the pack leader.



Keep Leading Even After The Walk:

Even if you reach home don’t stop leading. Have your dog sit and wait patiently while you put away its leads.This again shows your authority as pack leader. And let your dog know that it doesn’t always come first even at home.

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